Julie is one of the UK’s leading authorities on journaling. She has been journaling for over 20 years and led more than 170 workshops on the subject.

Her first book, Dr Julie Journaling: Quick Start, is published in July 2020.

Dr Julie Journaling started as Julie’s Journaling in Margate and is now expanding with the addition of experienced workshop leaders in other locations.

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Testimonials for Julie's Journaling

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A congenial group, pens and notebooks poised to be led by Julie's teasing prompts into exploring inner pathways, parting inner curtains, and gathering new inspiration.


I find Julie's Journaling a relaxing, creative, sociable and enjoyable afternoon.


Julie's Journaling: way better than meditation; releasing, calming, grounding - and sometimes even funny! Works for me!


Recently I went to a session with Julie with a conundrum on my mind. Then, surprisingly, some magic happened. The first prompt Julie offered answered my problem. Her second prompt solved a second query that was bothering me… and I burst out laughing with the synchronicity of it all.

Julie’s Journaling

Julie is grateful for the generous support of Thanet Writers and Ageless Thanet.