Free expressive journaling in response to
Dr Julie's prompts

for creativity, innovation, and success…

for health, contentment, and serenity…

for a self-discovery adventure…

Dr Julie Journaling Workshops

Weekly Workshops

Free expressive journaling in response to Dr Julie’s prompts.

There is no sharing of our writing but some prompts lead to lively discussions.

Tuesday afternoons in Westgate on Sea, Kent.

Would you like to host a Dr Julie Journaling Workshop in your area?

Themed Workshops

Introduction to journaling.  Creativity through journaling.  Journaling for well-being.

Contact Julie for details.

Photo by Josef Guth
Photo by Carol titmus

Julie is one of the UK's leading authorities on journaling

Julie has been journaling for over 25 years, has led more than 350 workshops on the subject and is writing her first book, Dr Julie Journaling: Quick Start.

Image by Carol Titmus