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Essays on Journaling

Journaling: a gift to yourself

Benefits of journaling.


Don't think: just write fast from the prompt.

Introduction to free expressive journaling.

Journaling for a brighter life

Recording the highlights of your day is an uplifting gateway to gratitude journaling which has been proven to boost happiness and wellbeing.

Time to let go.

Are you ready to let go of possessions and activities to free up space and time to lead your ideal life? Then open a journal...

Finding balance in your writing practice

Is your writing/life balance effective and sustainable, and how can it be improved?

Finding a strong authentic voice

Discover your strong authentic voice through expressive journaling, and use it to enliven your writing.

Incorporating writing into the festive season

Ten simple ideas for incorporating writing into your preparations for the festive season.

Journaling during isolation

Some techniques and prompts to use to journal during isolation.

Journaling for reflection in a pandemic

Reflecting on your life and what matters to you can turn the Covid-19 pandemic into a time you look back on as a personal turning point..

Journaling for Procrastinators

Use journaling to take control of any procrastinating habits which have an unwelcome impact on your writing.

Sensual Journaling

Use journaling to raise awareness of your senses and to help you to create richly sensual writing.

Dr Julie Journaling Workshops

Weekly and Monthly Workshops

Weekly Dr Julie Journaling on Tuesdays 2 to 3.30 pm.

Limited numbers. Contact Julie for details.




Themed Workshops

Introduction to journaling.

Creativity through journaling.

Journaling for well-being.

Sharing extracts from old journals.

Testimonials for Julie's Journaling


A congenial group, pens and notebooks poised to be led by Julie's teasing prompts into exploring inner pathways, parting inner curtains, and gathering new inspiration.


I find Julie's Journaling a relaxing, creative, sociable and enjoyable afternoon.


Julie's Journaling: way better than meditation; releasing, calming, grounding - and sometimes even funny! Works for me!


Recently I went to a session with Julie with a conundrum on my mind. Then, surprisingly, some magic happened. The first prompt Julie offered answered my problem. Her second prompt solved a second query that was bothering me… and I burst out laughing with the synchronicity of it all.

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